Welcome to the SINEliksik Bulacan Program

Discover the vibrant cultural tapestry of Bulacan, Philippines, through the SINEliksik Bulacan Program, a dynamic initiative led by the Provincial Government of Bulacan through the Provincial History, Arts,

Culture, and Tourism Office (PHACTO). The program aims to ignite appreciation, awareness, and a profound interest among BulakeƱos in safeguarding their rich cultural heritage and nurturing the flourishing tourism industry.

Journey Through History and Heritage

Launched in 2017, the SINEliksik Bulacan Program emerged in response to the growing demand for accessible learning materials about Bulacan. These resources play a pivotal role in supporting Araling Panlipunan educators as they impart local history within the context of the newly adopted K-12

Curriculum. Furthermore, they serve as invaluable references for dedicated researchers delving into the intricate facets of Bulacan’s history, contributing significantly to the province’s ongoing cultural mapping efforts.

Cultural Preservation and Beyond

The SINEliksik Bulacan Program stands as a beacon of cultural preservation and education, making substantial contributions to the preservation and promotion of Bulacan’s rich history and heritage. At its core, the program fosters creativity, innovation, inclusivity, and collaboration across diverse sectors.

Through these principles, it has emerged as an exemplary initiative, weaving together the threads of the past and present, ultimately shaping the future of Bulacan.

Join us on this captivating journey through Bulacan’s captivating history and heritage. Explore our extensive collection of documentary films, heritage books, posters, and modules, all designed to enlighten, inspire, and engage. Together, we celebrate the legacy of Bulacan and endeavor to pass it on to generations yet to come.


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