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SINEliksik Bulacan Program

Grand Champion for the “Best Program for Culture and the Arts Category”
17th ATOP-DOT Pearl Awards, 27 October 2022

The Provincial Government of Bulacan, through its Provincial History, Arts, Culture, and Tourism Office (PHACTO), implements the SINEliksik Bulacan Program to foster appreciation, awareness, and interest among Bulakeños in preserving their rich cultural heritage and thriving tourism industry.

The SINEliksik Bulacan Program was launched in 2017 to address the need for learning materials about Bulacan. These materials assist Araling Panlipunan teachers in teaching local history within the newly adopted K-12 Curriculum. Additionally, they provide reference materials for researchers studying local history and contribute to the cultural mapping of the province.

The program commenced with the SINEliksik Bulacan DocuFest, an annual competition on documentary filmmaking with varying themes each year. These themes have included Local History in 2017, Built Heritage in 2018, Bulakeño Heroes in 2019, Bulakeño National Artists from 2020 to 2022, and World War II in 2023. The DocuFest serves several general objectives: (1) comprehensive research gathering, (2) inspiring nationalism and an appreciation for Bulakeño culture, and (3) creating visual references.

The 5th SINEliksik Bulacan DocuFest encourages the participation of high school students. It aims to involve them not only in watching documentary films but also in the experiential learning of conducting research and producing films. As of now, there are a total of 60 SINEliksik Bulacan documentary films.

The idea of creating the SINEliksik Bulacan Heritage Book stemmed from the goal of maximizing research output gathered during the DocuFest. Filmmakers play a central role as the main writers of the book, with contributions encouraged from researchers, historical enthusiasts, and heritage advocates. This collaborative effort aims to provide cultural mapping for specific themes in each volume. Dr. Jaime B. Veneracion, a distinguished Bulakeño historian, serves as the editor. To date, three volumes of the SINEliksik Bulacan Heritage Book have been published (covering Local History in 2018, Built Heritage in 2019, and Bulakeño Heroes in 2021).

In addition to docufilms and the Heritage Book, the program introduced SINEliksik Bulacan Posters. These visually appealing posters include QR codes that allow viewers to access related documentary films on YouTube. 15 portraits of Bulakeño heroes were produced in 2021, and 20 vector art pieces of built heritage were created in 2023.

On August 24, 2022, the major project SINEliksik Bulacan sa Eskwelahan was formally launched. This initiative is a partnership between the Provincial Government of Bulacan through PHACTO and the four divisions of the Department of Education (DepEd) in the province. Its objectives include preserving and utilizing all learning materials (documentary films, heritage books, posters, etc.) by teachers, students, and researchers. Furthermore, the project aims to fully integrate Bulacan cultural heritage education into the curriculum using these SINEliksik Bulacan learning materials.

Launched on March 9, 2022, The SINEliksik Bulacan Research Hub plays an integral role in this project as a repository for SINEliksik Bulacan learning materials. These hubs are established not only in schools but also in studies centers, museums, and tourism-related establishments. In addition to housing learning

materials, the research hubs collect publications, memorabilia, and artifacts from their respective localities, effectively functioning as libraries, museums, and archives.

To date, there are a total of 115 research hubs (66 in elementary, 46 in high school, 1 in college, 1 in a studies center, and 1 in a museum). Araling Panlipunan teachers utilize these research hubs to allow their students to view documentary films related to their lessons. Students can also access these films on TV or by scanning QR codes from posters within the research hubs. Moreover, students can read heritage books to gain a deeper understanding of topics featured in the films.

Another valuable addition to the collection of the SINEliksik Bulacan Research Hub is the SINEliksik Bulacan Module, published in 2022. This module features 20 Bulakeño heroes, making teaching and learning more accessible. The module combines research about these heroes from the heritage book, portraits from the posters, and QR codes of documentary films. Activities within the module, crafted by a team of writers from DepEd, facilitate learning about the heroic feats and deeds of Bulakeños and Filipinos, inspiring students in the process. Editing and layout of the modules were conducted collaboratively by the production team, composed of staff from PHACTO and DepEd. This module production was made possible through collaboration with the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and Bulacan State University under the project SHINE Bulacan (Sustainable Heritage Imbibing Nationalism through Edutourism).

An ongoing activity to be included in the project SINEliksik Bulacan sa Eskwelahan is the Pass-yal Pamana. In its initial phase, it will focus on a built heritage tour using the Bulacan Pamana Pass, a passport-like booklet that will be stamped upon visiting identified built heritage sites. This initiative aims to familiarize teachers and students with the structures they are studying, as featured in the heritage book and posters.

Creativity and Innovation:

The use of visually appealing learning materials such as films and posters has generated interest among many students in learning about the history and heritage of the province. The inclusion of QR codes adds an element of fun and excitement, particularly since students of the present generation are adept at using this technology, having grown up with YouTube as a learning tool.

The SINEliksik Bulacan Research Hub represents an innovative approach to preserving and utilizing learning materials for education and promotion purposes. This approach also fosters community partnerships for gathering publications, artifacts, and memorabilia, enriching research on the history and heritage of their respective localities.

Diversity and Inclusivity:

The project’s inclusive nature involves national agencies, local government units, academia, librarians, researchers, filmmakers, historical groups, heritage advocates, tourism officers, professionals, students, and Bulakeños in general. It has served as an inspiration to different sectors:

Local Government Units (LGUs):




by Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) Academedia to be screened at Cinematheque Center on July 29, 2023.

History and Heritage:


The SINEliksik Bulacan Program received the Grand Champion award in the “Best Program for Culture and the Arts Category” at the 17th ATOP-DOT Pearl Awards.

Evaluation and Learning:

The SINEliksik Bulacan Program holds annual assessment and planning workshops conducted by PHACTO. These workshops are attended by all program stakeholders to assess completed projects and activities and plan for the following year. During these sessions, the core group conceptualizes how each year’s theme, and its research output will be translated into projects and activities.

In 2017, SINEliksik Bulacan DocuFest was launched with the theme “Saliksik at Salaysay ng Kasaysayan ng Bayan Ko!” With the desire to create a reference on the history of the cities and municipalities of the province, the SINEliksik Bulacan Heritage Book was published the following year.

In 2018, the theme of the SINEliksik Bulacan DocuFest was “Pamana ng Lahi, Yamang Aking Ipagmamalaki!” Advocating for the preservation of built heritage, SINEliksik Bulacan Heritage Book Vol. II was published in 2019, SINEliksik Bulacan Markers were installed in 2021, and the SINEliksik Bulacan Posters Pamanang Istruktura Series was produced in 2023.

In 2019, SINEliksik Bulacan DocuFest featured heroes of the Philippine-Spanish and Philippine-American wars with the theme “Bayani ng Kanyang Panahon, Inspirasyon Natin Ngayon!” Hoping that their heroism would serve as an inspiration, especially to today’s youth, SINEliksik Bulacan Heritage Book Vol. III was

published in 2021. The SINEliksik Bulacan Posters Bayaning Bulakenyo Series was produced in 2021, followed by the SINEliksik Bulacan Module in 2022.

During 2020-2022 (COVID-19 Pandemic), the 4th SINEliksik Bulacan DocuFest featured Bulakeño national artists with the theme “Alagad ng Sining na Bulakenyo, Dangal ng Lahing Pilipino!” Municipalities of Bulakan and Santa Maria conducted activities to commemorate the national artists from their respective towns.

In 2023, the 5th SINEliksik Bulacan DocuFest highlights veterans’ accounts of World War II while they were still able to do so. The theme is “Pagsubok at Pagtindig noong Ikalawang Digmaang Pandaigdig.” Several recognitions for veterans are already taking place, particularly in the municipalities of Norzagaray and Bustos.

Each year, the theme related to history and heritage serves as the guiding principle for making history. The most remarkable aspect is that passionate Bulakeños who are history enthusiasts and heritage advocates are the driving force behind these initiatives, working alongside PHACTO to bring them to fruition.

Leadership and Governance:

Due to the importance placed on the preservation of our cultural heritage by the Provincial Government of Bulacan, a provincial ordinance was approved to ensure the sustainability of the program and allocate funds for its implementation. This ordinance, known as Kapasiyahan Blg. 526-T’18, titled ‘Isang Kapasiyahan na Pinagtitibay ang Kautusan na Nagtatakda ng Taunang Pagsasagawa ng Programang SINEliksik Bulacan na Kinapapalooban ng DocuFest, Coffee Table Book Publication, Film Showing, Workshop, Conference at Iba Pa at Paglalaan ng Kaukulang Pondo Para Dito,’ allocated three million pesos for this program. Despite changes in leadership, this ordinance has sustained the SINEliksik Bulacan Program for six years.

The program has proven to be both cost-efficient and cost-effective. The documentary film competition serves to gather research output and produce e-sources, which are a more cost-effective approach compared to traditional methods of funding research work and film production. Furthermore, research outputs are maximized, as the research used to produce the film is also utilized in the creation of various learning materials, including heritage books, posters, modules, and more, all of which are provided to SINEliksik Bulacan Research Hubs.

Partnership and Collaboration:

For several years, the SINEliksik Bulacan Program has developed partnerships and collaborations with various national government agencies, including the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP), the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) through Bulacan State University as part of the SHINE Bulacan project. These agencies have shown their belief in the program, and PHACTO is deeply grateful for their continuous support.

PHACTO’s key partners in this program also extend to the local level, involving the Association of Tourism Officers of Bulacan (ATOB) from the four cities and 20 municipalities, all working together to promote the program. Furthermore, collaborations with non-governmental organizations such as Project Saysay, the

Bulacan Public Librarians Association of the Philippines (BPLAI), and the Samahan ng mga Museo sa Bulacan (SMB) have played a crucial role in expanding the program.

In summary, the SINEliksik Bulacan Program has made significant contributions to preserving and promoting the history and heritage of Bulacan. It has fostered creativity, innovation, inclusivity, and collaboration among various sectors, making it an exemplary initiative in cultural preservation and education.

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